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I want to know more about Ski-hub 

We understand everyone want's to make sure they are in safe hands, especaially when using the internet. We want our clients to feel secure and have the best understanding of who we are and how we can help you. Have a read of our 'about Ski-hub section' then feel free to contact us if you have further questions. 

About Ski-hub

I have found my perfect ski holiday. How can I can book? 

Great! We are so pleased you have found a ski holiday. Just get in touch with our friendly team (0203 7110 852 / and let us know which holiday you want to book. Alternatively you can click the enquire button on the holiday page. 

I need help finding my ski holiday!

No problem, that's what Ski-hub is for. Our friendly team will do all the leg work for you, and what's more our service is free. We will search the market and find you the best holidays that suit your requirements. Just let us know what you are after. 0203 7110 852 / 

I can't find what I want on your website. Do you have more to offer? 

Yes! Since we work with many operators and suppliers it is impossible for us to list everything on our website. We will always have more up our sleeve, so it is best to get in touch. 0203 7110 852 /  

I am interested in working for Ski-hub

Have a look at our latest vacancies. If you can't see what you like drop us an email anway, as we are always keen to hear from those interested in working with us and may have a suitable job not advertised. 

Work for Ski-hub

I need quick turnaround ski servicing in London

Ski-hub is not just a travel agency! We also offer a competitive, fast turnaround ski service so get in touch to see if we can help.

Ski Servicing in London

I love skiing but also want to visit the Alps in the Summer

So do we! That's why we also run Sun-hub, a summer mountain travel agency. Get in touch for your personalised quotes. 


If I book with Ski-hub is my money safe? 

Absolutely. Client protection is very important to us which is why we work with the Travel Trust Association (TTA). Our membership number is Q2881. Money paid to Ski-hub goes straight into our trust account in order to protect it. You can find out more about the TTA here

If your question has not been answered or you are still unsure about something then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help. 0203 7110 852 /