Terms and Conditions

Ski-hub Ltd Terms and Conditions

Please make sure that you have read and understand Ski-hub Ltd’s terms and conditions before you make a booking. The information below includes important information for Ski-hub Ltd’s booking process as well as information for your holiday itself.  If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Ski-hub Ltd acts as an agent on behalf of principles or tour operators. On booking you will receive further information about the tour operator or supplier you will be travelling with. You will also be made aware of the terms and conditions of the tour operator or supplier you will travel with before making the final booking payment. It is your responsibility (or that of the group leader/lead name) to make sure you (and all party members) have read and understand the tour operator’s or suppliers terms and conditions as you will be bound by these. They will include any cancellation or change to booking policies.

Terms and Conditions

Group Leader/Lead Name Responsibilities
On booking (and perhaps enquiring) Ski-hub Ltd will ask for the Group Leaders Name. If there is no specific group leader, the group will need to choose someone to be their Lead Name (this name cannot be put forward without their full consent). The group leader/lead name will then act on behalf of the entire group.

The group leader/lead name will be responsible for making sure the group are aware of the terms and conditions of Ski-hub Ltd and of the tour operator/suppliers with which you will be governed by upon booking. On booking, the group leader/lead name is confirming that all those travelling have accepted the terms and conditions of both Ski-hub Ltd and the tour operator/supplier.

The group leader/lead name will be responsible for the full cost of the holiday (although the group members can pay individually if preferred), any cancellations or amendments. The group leader must have the consent of the whole group to act and pay on their behalf.

The group leader/lead name will be responsible for collecting all group names and travel information (although group members can provide this information on their own) and inform Ski-hub Ltd of any specific requests from any members.

Ski-hub Ltd will communicate with the group leader/lead name (unless given further group members contact details to specifically contact them, or they contact us), and must inform all group members of any changes or amendments to the booking.

It is the group leader/lead name’s responsibility to let Ski-hub Ltd know of any changes in contact details for themselves or other group members where relevant.

A charge may apply if any personal information is supplied late (the group leader will be notified of the dates needed to supply information by).

It is the group leader/lead name’s responsibility to ensure that every member of the group has an up to date passport and relevant visa where applicable (please ask your sales consultant for more information if required) for the entire duration of the holiday. Ski-hub Ltd will not be held liable for any passport or visa related issue a customer may endure. Ski-hub Ltd will relate the exact information to the tour operator that is given by the customer. Ski-hub Ltd will not be held liable for any false or incorrect information given by the customer. 

Booking Conditions and Contracts

Pre-Booking Conditions
Ski-hub Ltd aims to provide customers with the best price for a holiday or property, but if a customer finds the holiday or property cheaper elsewhere Ski-hub Ltd will do their best to match the price. Customers will need to provide proof of the cheaper price, giving the exact date, number of persons, add on’s etc.

Just before a customer makes a booking with Ski-hub Ltd their sales consultant will make sure the customer has received written confirmation of everything that is included in the booking. Once the customer has confirmed they are happy Ski-hub Ltd will proceed to confirm the booking with the principal(s)/tour operators and/or suppliers(s). Payment will then be taken by Ski-hub Ltd or the customer will be referred to the tour operator and/or supplier.  Payment through Ski-hub Ltd will be taken over the phone (unless specific requests are agreed with Ski-hub Ltd in writing) or by bank transfer.

Travel insurance is a compulsory requirement and this needs to be in place prior to departure. Please speak to your sales consultant who can recommend travel insurance.

Property or Holiday Prices
Prices shown on the website will be per person (although Ski-hub Ltd will not be held liable for prices that may occasionally appear as a full property booking – your sales consultant will give you the exact price on enquiry) and will be representative of the number of nights selected (or the standard week holiday) in the search options (or specified to your Sales Consultant). The prices can be based on any of the following (your sales consultant will let you know what is included in the price if it is not instantly obvious);
Accommodation only
Accommodation and flights
Accommodation and transfers
Accommodation, flights and transfers. 

Prices given in quotes may often be for the full property, but your sales consultant will make this clear. 

Any prices shown on the website will not include car hire, airport services, ski/board carriage, equipment hire, travel insurance, ski passes, in resort services (unless otherwise stated). However, Ski-hub Ltd can add these extras (along with flights and transfers where relevant) on for you, to give you an updated holiday cost. Additions can be added after original payment has been taken for the holiday/property or with initial booking. A deadline will be given for when extras can no longer be added.

A small local tourist tax may be charged in resort by certain tour operators. This will be in the tour operator’s terms and conditions and Ski-hub Ltd will make customers aware of this before booking.

The prices displayed by Ski-hub Ltd are subject to change at any time. The prices are also indicative until we send customers their invoice. Prices may change from enquiry of a particular holiday/property to confirming with the tour operator and making the final booking.

Additional room or other supplements may apply.

Holiday prices can decrease throughout the season (subject to the tour operator’s terms and conditions). If a customer has paid a larger amount than others/is being advertised they are not entitled to any money back.

However, if the price changes due to an error made by Ski-hub Ltd, a customer is entitled to a refund, date change or cancellation, but there will be a charge.

Special Offers and Discounts
Special offers and discounts on holidays/properties/ski extras are subject to the tour operators terms and conditions and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers (unless otherwise stated).

The offers are subject to availability and can be changed or withdrawn anytime and without notice.

Additional room or other supplements may apply.

Offers cannot be added after a booking is made, or in resort (unless otherwise stated) they must be confirmed at the time of booking.

Children’s Prices
The price given for children (if applicable) varies with each tour operator. Ages of children travelling must state the age of the child on the return date of travel. If any information is given incorrectly, the price may increase even after payment has been made.

Booking Conditions

Payment Conditions
A deposit can be taken (for certain tour operators or suppliers) and then the final amount will be payable as per the tour operators or suppliers terms and conditions (customers will be made aware of their final payment date) and a reminder will sent out 2 weeks and then 1 week in advance of this deadline from Ski-hub Ltd. Ski-hub Ltd recommends that customers pay the full amount up front. An admin fee may be payable to Ski-hub Ltd if customers fail to meet their payment deadlines, and customers will also be governed by the tour operators terms and conditions at this point.

Payment can be made by debit card, credit card or bank transfer (where agreed by Ski-hub Ltd). Credit cards will be charged at a rate made known to you by your Sales Consultant which will be absorbed by the customer.

Ski-hub prefer that the holiday/property and any extras are paid on one card, but we can accept multiple card payments if agreed in advance in writing. 

Booking Confirmation
Bookings will be confirmed on receipt of payment. Customers will then be sent a booking confirmation email and any other relevent information. Customers are responsible for checking that all of the details in the booking confirmation are correct and any incorrect details are made clear to Ski-hub Ltd within 48hrs of receiving the confirmation. (Please ensure names appear as on passports). Ski-hub Ltd will not be held liable for any errors on the booking confirmation after 48hrs. Any amendments to details after 48hrs may incur a charge.

Any booking information provided to Ski-hub Ltd will then be passed onto the relevant Tour operators or suppliers.  The information may therefore be provided to public authorities such as customs or immigration if required by them, or as required by law. If you are travelling to the United States, the US Customs and Border Protection will receive this information for the purposes of preventing and combating terrorism and other transnational serious crimes.

Post Booking Conditions

Dietary Requirements
Special dietary requests can often be catered for but must be discussed and confirmed with your sales consultant and this varies with each tour operator and may incur an additional charge.

Dietary requirements can be related after booking (a given time period will be made clear to the customer), but must have been discussed and confirmed before booking.

It is the customers or group leaders/lead names responsibility to ensure that special dietary requirements are recorded correctly on any paperwork or invoices and paid for if relevant.

Deposit Return
A deposit return after the holiday is dependent on the terms and conditions of the tour operator or supplier and Ski-hub Ltd have no involvement in this.  

Ski-hub Ltd Extras
Ski-hub Ltd gives customers the opportunity to add further to their booking and these extras include the following; (they can be added at any stage, as long as it is not over the given date specified by the tour operator and/or Ski-hub Ltd – customers will be made aware of this date)

Flights (where they are not included in the original holiday package)
Resort Transfers (where they are not included in the original holiday package)
Car hire
Lift Passes
Gear guides
Reputable Affiliates

Some of the extras are free of charge. For payable extras Ski-hub Ltd suggests booking as much as possible at the time of the holiday/property booking as many ski extras are subject to availability and Ski-hub Ltd will not be held responsible if the availability is not to the customer’s satisfaction. We would highly suggest booking everything together, but the choice is initially down to the customer (and the final date to add extras given by Ski-hub Ltd)

Holiday Changes/Amendments
By the customer:
Any holiday amendments must be first confirmed by your sales consultant and then have written confirmation (Ski-hub Ltd cannot guarantee the customers amendment requests can be met, and will not be held liable) and the customer will then be governed by the tour operator/suppliers terms and conditions. Customers may be charged for amendments.

By the tour operator or supplier:
very occasionally the accommodation booked cannot be provided by the tour operator (for reasons beyond Ski-hub Ltd’s control). If this happens Ski-hub Ltd will strive to find you alternative accommodation, but cannot guarantee that it will meet the previous demands (and Ski-hub Ltd cannot be held liable for this). If no alternative accommodation can be found, you will offered a refund where appropriate. Ski-hub Ltd will not be held liable for any costs relating to a holiday change.

Holiday Cancellations
By the customer:
Any holiday cancellations must be first confirmed by your sales consultant and then have written confirmation and the customer will then be governed by the tour operator/suppliers terms and conditions. Customers may be charged for cancellations.

By the tour operator or supplier:
Very occasionally, the tour operator will cancel a holiday for reasons beyond Ski-hub’s control. If this happens, you will be notified and refund given as per the tour operators terms and conditions. Ski-hub Ltd can then try and find you an alternative holiday if so required. Ski-hub Ltd cannot accept liability for costs relating to a holiday cancellation.

Other Terms and Conditions

Catering arrangements will be made clear on the holiday/property page or by your sales consultant. Ski-hub Ltd will accept no liability for any discrepancies in the catering listed on our website and catering received in resort. All catering information is taken from the tour operator.  

Property Descriptions
Ski-hub Ltd’s chalet descriptions have been re-worded for marketing purposes as well as a consistency across Ski-hub Ltd’s website and brand, but the information comes from the tour operators. Ski-hub Ltd will strive to keep the descriptions as up to date as possible, but will not be held liable for any discrepancies between information of the tour operator and ourselves. Chalet descriptions can be updated at any time, so please make sure to check your holiday details carefully with your sales consultant before booking.

Property and Resort Images
Ski-hub Ltd uses images from tour operators or royalty free images to represent the properties we sell and the resorts the properties are in. The images are used illustrative purposes only. We strive to keep the images as up-to-date as possible but they may not always be an exact representation of the accommodation or resort.

 Ski-hub Ltd will try to use images that truly represent the properties, but many images come from tour operators. If an image is misrepresentative Ski-hub Ltd will take no liability for this.

Property locations
Ski-hub Ltd’s property locations are given in metres or minutes walking. We sometimes also provide a map of the property location. Ski-hub Ltd cannot guarantee complete accuracy on the location of a property and are therefore not liable for any discrepancies in our information and that of the exact property location.

Property Ratings
The ratings Ski-hub Ltd give properties are based on; tour operator’s ratings for said property, quality of the holiday, facilities available, and location of the property. The rating may be based on Ski-hub Ltd’s opinion or that of the tour operator but are not official ratings. Ski-hub Ltd will not be held liable for customers thinking their holiday should have been rated lower or higher.

Ski-hub Ltd provides information on resorts but all of this should be used only as a guide. The weather forecasts we provide are from snowforecast.com and Ski-hub Ltd will not be liable for any discrepancies between the forecasts, and any information given on snowforecast.com’s website. Ski-hub Ltd may also provide resort maps, which we hope you will find useful. However, we cannot ensure that all of the information is accurate and up to date. We therefore take no liability for any discrepancies between our maps and the resorts itself.

Financial Protection
Booking with Ski-hub Ltd gives you 100% financial protection through the Travel Trust Association (TTA). All money paid to Ski-hub Ltd is paid into a TTA trust account which is backed by a fidelity insurance which covers each passenger. Ski-hub’s TTA number is: Q2881.

Gear Guide
Ski-hub Ltd’s gear guide is written using the experience and knowledge of staff members. Customers should consider the information, but should not base their entire purchase on the information, as other factors may need to be considered. Ski-hub Ltd will not be liable for any injuries, customer satisfaction, wrong fittings or other if a customer decides to purchase something mentioned in our gear guides or on ski-hub’s website in general.

Within our website you will find logos with links to information about our affiliates which we hope you will find useful. Ski-hub Ltd however cannot take responsibility for pages maintained by affiliates or prices shown on affiliate’s websites. Ski-hub Ltd will not be liable for any difference in price or information provided. Ski-hub Ltd cannot accept liability for any damage or loss arising from reliance on affiliate’s websites.

The flight times given on your booking details are subject to change. The scheduled timings will be shown on your invoice, however the actual times will be shown on your tickets. Depending on how your flight was booked and through which tour operator/supplier you will be issued with your ticket in advance of departure. You will need to check tickets very carefully immediately upon receipt to make sure everything is as it should be, and to take note of any departure location (airport terminals) and time changes. If a flight time changes after receipt of the ticket, Ski-hub Ltd will contact you. Flight times are local times, depending on your arrival/departure airports.

Excursions and Activites
Any excursion or activity related to the customer’s holiday with ski-hub Ltd that has not been booked with Ski-hub Ltd is the customer’s responsibility. Ski-hub Ltd will therefore accept no liability for any issues related to excursions and activities booked elsewhere that may occur during the holiday booked through Ski-hub Ltd.

Ski-hub cannot be held liable for any death or injury on the slopes from skis or snowboards waxed by Ski-hub 

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